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{ Definition: } Lovaii – Laveii – la·ver (LA – VEE) italian or (Lav – vay) french / lāver, lävei / Lavaeii – estonian dialect The meaning is derived from “laver” – to wash or cleanse by hand. To cleanse by washing with fresh water.

Our Quest –  In our many successful years as professional salon owners, we dedicated our lives to washing peoples hair. Sounds silly, but we do know a thing or two about hair care. As a celebrated Salon Today Top 200 Salon, and one of the Top 20 Aveda Salons in the South, we enjoyed over 20 highly innovative years in the salon. Our salon, Eston Salon, became a brand name in the South, and mentored hundreds of salon owners to follow our lead. Our styled photo shoots were featured in thousands of salons worldwide, inspiring millions of clients around the globe. As a husband and wife team, Janice and Michael owned & ran one of the most successful boutique salons in the south. After 20 years working together in the salon, we are now in a new phase of our business lives. We’ve changed our salon structure making our personal life a bit simpler. While continuing to serve our customers, we are focusing on developing new professional beauty products. We’ve been believers in “Organic” & “Aromatherapy” natural products and want to bring new ideas to the marketplace. As a top salon and a published editorial stylist we’ve been working with hundreds of fashion models, as well as hundreds of our own customers. We are on a quest creating  just the right products and ingredients to help tame frizzy, over processed hair. In the South temperature and humidity play a big role in how hair products work. Offering our clients a professional salon hair color and hair care system that’s simple, soft, manageable and as natural feeling in these conditions was impossible. Until now.

We are excited to announce, we’ve found it! Our team has sourced with the best organic chemists in the beauty business to bring our clients an amazing uber conditioning product line! World renown collaborator and friend Roy Evans created this patented technology and we are proud to utilize this amazing haircare breakthrough in our product line. We’ve developed our product with the finest, highest quality ingredients available in the industry, a less damaging product line means more natural feeling hair for you. We went the extra mile to source the best ingredients, and we did’t scrimp when it came to purchasing the best compounds for our products. Our aromas are 100% organic and sourced from the finest essences. We are excited!  You are about to experience these powerful new conditioning systems with a scientific breakthrough in Laveii haircare products. We are not kidding, this is a true breakthrough in professional haircare.

A New Scientific Breakthrough in Haircolor – Our hair care systems were developed to support a revolutionary scientific breaktrough in professional salon haircolor. Offering our clients an end result of soft, as close to virgin, untreated hair as possible. The haircolor system is ammonia free, paraben free, using a patented formula that is a game changer. This haircolor is a first in the professional beauty industry.  Our “ammonia free” non alkali color uses new conditioning systems technology to offer a safer scientific way to deposit haircolor and condition the hair during the color process. Over the past few years a couple of other companies have tried to make an ammonia free color, but they could not get it to work properly. Our highlighting powder is damage free, and we can achieve excellent grey coverage, no other brands have been able to do this successfully. We have a patented new technology thats changed everything, and its only available through select salons across the globe. (More Details for Professional Stylists)

Hair Care Made Simple – To support this new professional haircolor system, we bring you Laveii’s professional salon hair care line. Clinically designed to support our haircolor systems using science and nature. A perfect shampoo and conditioner line for any hair type. Available in four organic aromas – “Coco-mint”, “Lavender Fleurs”, “Pettigrain” and “Aroma Free”. Laveii is great for both color treated or non color treated hair. Made with the highest quality sulfates and compounds in the industry, our conditioning systems formulas will help keep your hair soft, manageable, natural looking. Say “Boo” to frizz and split ends! We’ve researched and developed the new line for the past several years, and are now excited to launch our shampoo and conditioners. We are working to release several new companion products next, so please check back as we add to the product line, and we welcome your input, so let us know what you want in a shampoo line.

Janice & Michael Allen


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