Behind The Scenes


Meet Janice Allen

Our lead designer Janice Allen loves creating beautiful looks, and her passion is giving her clients the best the beauty industry has to offer. Her award winning styles have her in high demand for editorial shoots, and behind the chair every week with her clients.

Janice has been working as an editorial fashion stylist for many years, and is currently with Southern Bride Magazine. For over 9 years she’s been traveling with Southern Bride to exotic locations across the South, Mexico and the Caribbean. Above is one of her recent fashion shoots in Charleston South Carolina on Pawleys Island to give you a little sample of her focus.

Over the years on these shoots and behind the chair, Janice has made a list of what she wants in a product line. Naturally derived, brilliant shine, organic aromas, manageably soft hair, and realistic hair color are just a few things on her list. she’s incorporated all of these ideas into the Laveii haircare line, and her clients are absolutely loving it!

Janice Allen Shears

Laveii Branding Shoot

Here’s a few shots from our recent photo shoot with our client and (model Ali). We went for an all american girl look with a beautiful blonde to kick off our branding campaign. Our graphic designer in New York has been working with us since Christmas to hone in on the logo and overall look. Even he (of Apple iLife Suite designer fame) was impressed with our shoot! (We head off the North Carolina in about 2 weeks to shoot with our incredible photographer Michael Allen Photography !) 

1-IMG_4578-Edit Michael Allen Photo
3-IMG_4456-Edit Michael Allen Photo

On Location in North Carolina

The Laveii creative director Janice Allen went on location to North Carolina this summer to create some amazing hairstyles for a 3 day fashion shoot for Southern Bride Magazine. The photos will be featured in a 20 page fashion spread in the 2016 Spring Issue that is sold all across the Southern US, and digitally sold around the world. The location was the historic Grove Park Inn, one of the most scenic and historic hotels in the country. The Inn has hosted just about every President of the US over the past 100 years. Our team stayed on location for a week working on the shoot. Janice was able to create over 30 trendsetting hairstyles looks for the shoot, from elegant up do’s to natural looks, to boho. The fashion trends that Janice creates inspires brides for the look that they will want for their wedding day, as well as inspiring hairstylists all across the world. Laveii products were designed not only for their incredible natural care for the hair, but for Janice to use in creating her amazing looks for the publication. The SPF protection in our products helps prevent damage from hot curling irons, hot rollers, hairdryers and the sun. Imagine the potential damage our models go through with a dozen hairstyles in one day! It takes certain products to protect hair make hairstyles look just right, and Laveii was designed specifically with this in mind.

Laveii Haircare – Editors Favorite New Beauty Product of 2016

Laveii Haircare was just featured in Southern Bride Magazine’s favorite new beauty and health products for 2016! Whoo Hoo! We are so happy for this recognition.  Getting a recommendation from a magazine is big news! The editors love our product, and they shared it with their readers. This issue goes out to hundreds of thousands of readers across the Southern US, and digitally all over the United States and the World!

southern bride product of the year

On Location in Key West Florida

One of our most recent editorial photo shoots was in Key West Florida for Southern Bride Magazine. We flew into Miami, then drove to Duck Key and stayed at the Hawks Cay Resort. Hawks Cay was simply amazing, we spent the first day on the beach, soaking up the sun with some of the most incredible views in the world. Janice Allen, the creative director for Laveii spent a week in the Keys with the team from the magazine, along with our models, the Florida Tourism Bureau, and the photography team (AKA Michael Allen Photography). Shooting in Key West was a great testing ground for Laveii, due to the rain, winds, humidity and changing weather. The magazine featured 20 of Janice’s amazing updos in the June and September 2016 issues. It’s a honor for Laveii to be the hair sponsor for these photo shoots, being selected as the editorial stylist for a major magazine shoot is hard work, fun, challenging and helps drive the Laveii brand to the public. Working on location with a professional line of hair care is crucial for magazine shoots, and Laveii is the best product in the world for working with models. We designed the conditioning formulas to help combat frizzy hair, and tame the hair that our models bring to the shoot. We don’t always know what condition their hair will be in, and most shoots Janice does haircuts to get the models hair in shape for the week long style changes. We are so excited to get to use our new products at these shoots, and working in these incredible southern environments puts the product to the test. As you can see by some of these photos, the results are amazing!

On Location with Southern Bride Magazine at The Greenbrier

The Laveii design team went to The Greenbrier this summer to work on a photo shoot for Southern Bride Magazine. The Greenbrier is in West Virginia,and is host to Presidents, celebrities, and socialites from across America and the world. When we meet new models, we have to get their hair in great condition right away, so the first night we give the models samples of our conditioning treatment. We work with hundreds of models, and just like regular people, sometimes their hair is dry, damaged and needs some healthy attention. Thats why Laveii is so good for the hair, it’s patented conditioning systems help any hair type. Our compounds don’t coat the hair, it saturates the hair with unique proteins and other conditioners to help tame fly aways, smooth the cuticle, and add tremendous shine to the hair. Have you ever noticed how people with shiny hair seem to have beautiful, perfect hair? Hey, its all about the shine! Laveii’s scientific blend of organic compounds, healthy cleansers, and conditioners are the perfect tool for our models on photo shoots, and perfect for everyday people just like you. Take a look at our latest photo shoot, the “American Beauty” Collection photographed by Michael Allen Photography

Southern Bride Magazine New Orleans

The Laveii Design Team headed up by our adorable creative director Janice Allen, spent a week in January at the Royal Sonesta Hotel (right on Bourbon Street) and created some of the most amazing styles and looks that you’ll ever see! The 2017 Summer issue will be on newsstands across the Southern USA in June. The production crew (15 very talented artists, editors, scene decorators, makeup artists, models, photographers and wardrobe consultants) went way beyond the call of duty on this shoot! As you can see by the pictures, our photographer Michael Allen broke all the rules and created some amazing images.

NOLA is known for HUMIDITY, and most haircare brands stay away from this place because their products just won’t work in the humid environment, Laveii was designed for this, and our products work in these harsh elements. Rain, sun, heat, humidity, wind, Laveii conquers and wins! {The next time you find yourself in a major national photoshoot, be sure to order lots of our Control Foam for your models, you’ll be glad you did.}