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Laveii Shampoos

Laveii Shampoos come in 4 unique organic aromas – Cocomint – Lavender Fleurs – Bliss – Aromafree. Hand blended offering a light, non lingering, non perfume fragrance. Our shampoos offer gentle cleansing using the finest high end compounds and ingredients derived from coconuts. Perfect for color treated hair and normal hair types. { Moisturizing, Softens, De-swells, Protein Protection, Improves Tensile Strength, UV Protection, stops “Fly-aways”, Excellent Lathering, Reduces and non-reducing saccharine, Non and Low Sulfate.}

Laveii Conditioners

Laveii Conditioners come in 4 unique organic aromas – Cocomint – Lavender Fleurs – Bliss – Aromafree. Hand blended offering a light, non lingering, non perfume fragrance. Our conditioners help prevent damage, and offer added nutrients to help hair look and feel normal and healthy. {Moisturizes, Softens, Silky Feel, Shine and Gloss, De-tangles, Replaces Proteins, Replaces Natural oils, Anti-frizz, Improves Compatibility, Decrease drying time, No oily feel, UV and UVB protection, Promotes strength, Holds color longer, Keratin and Wheat Proteins.}

Laveii Leave In Conditioners

Laveii Leave in Conditioner comes in a spray bottle. It offers excellent detangling, perfect for combing wet hair. It also offers SPF protection from the sun and heat from blow dryers and styling tools, and helps nurture frizz, split ends and dry hair. It adds a light hold and body to the hair without the need for pomades or gels {Fragrance Free, Incredible shine, Frizz free, No oil, De-tangles, Body, Hold, Moisturizes. Keravis Protein}


Laveii Hair Serum offers a light hold and adds body to hair, it offers SPF protection from the sun, heat from blow dryers and styling tools, with added conditioning to tame frizz and split ends. Over time our Serum will help repair damaged hair, and works well with our professional hair color.It adds body to hair and moisturizes without feeling heavy. It’s great for fine hair as it adds extra body, for coarse hair it tames and protects. {Fragrance Free, Incredible shine, Frizz free, No oil, De-Tangles, Body, Hold, Moisturizes, Keravis Protein.}

Laveii Styling Gels

Laveii Styling Gel Serum offers a soft, light holding gel thats not so crunchy. With added SPF protection against heat and styling tools. Works well with Laveii Leave in Serum or Spray in Conditioner. It’s aroma free so theres no lingering fragrance.

Laveii Styling Foams

Laveii Styling Foams are incredible conditioning styling aids to give your hair more volume, softness, anti frizz control. Designed for the humid regions of the Southern United States, our foams help your hair defeat harse heat and added UV protection. Aroma Free and safe for all hair types. Prevents color fading.

Laveii Body Wash

Laveii Refreshing Body Wash is so nice!

Laveii Body Wash is a light nourishing gel with a light natural cocomint aroma, added compounds include aloe vera, avocado oil, coconut oil, and argan oil to help nourish the skin. This all over body wash gel is perfect in the shower or bath, and an excellent hand soap. Comes in an 8 0z bottle.

You must try Laveii Shower and Bath Bars!

Once you try one of our shower and bath bars, you’ll never use any other soap! Laveii’s Cocomint Shower and Bath Bar is one of our favorites. For men it will work as a shampoo bar, and all over shower bar. You can even shave with it! It’s 100% certified organic, and the cocomint aroma is very bold and rejuvenating. (Most bath bars turn to mush in the shower, leaving a mess all over your porcelain. Our shower and bath bars do not turn to “mush” in the shower, residue free, solid, easy to keep fresh.)

Introducing 2 new Shower Bars! Wow!

Our Shower Bars smell amazing! Rosemary~Lavender Shower Bar and Lemongrass Shower Bar! All of our shower bars are designed as shampoos, great for men who want to shower, shave and clean with one bar. ) Girls, you’ll love them too! (but not recommended for color treated hair or children.)

Lavei Body Care & Wellness

Laveii Body Care and Wellness Products. Our quest over the years was to find and source the best in organics, our body care products include our Coconut Lemongrass Lip Balm, and for the skin, we’ve created our own Organic Body Lotion custom made with our signature aromas hand blended with organic essential oils. Laveii Dead Sea Salts offer healing properties for skin, as well as relaxation therapy and salt scrubs. Also in this department are our Laveii Soy Candles, to bring a sense of beauty to your life. Our custom blended candles have an incredible all natural fragrance ( no perfumes used) made with 100% organic essential oils.